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    Hours different on ecu vs cluster


    i bought an new spark back in 2019... i hook up my candoo pro last time and saw around 77 Hours on the ECU vs around 13 Hours on the Cluster... how can this happen ?

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    Not sure if this applies to Sparks, but on non-Spark SeaDoos, if you replace the cluster and don't "marry" it to the ECU, the two will show different hours.

    I once bought a used SeaDoo with 0 hours on the gauge, but it actually had many hundreds of hours on the ECU.

    Worth a read:

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    ok but i never touch the display or… both ecu ad display and the original

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    How many hours would you guess you have?
    Personally I always thought I had more hrs than actual. With that large of a gap you should have a pretty good idea which is correct.

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