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    WaveRunner Starter Spins, But Doesn't Turn The Engine Over

    Hi guys, a 2001 Yamaha Wave Runner 700xl with a double trailer just popped up on craigslist for $300. I have a 2003 waverunner 700xl that works fantastic and I absolutely love it. I would like to get this one and hope to be able to fix it. The guy said it ran great until the previous labor day weekend. Now when he tries to start it, the starter sounds like its spinning, as well as spinning the bendix and its squeeling like a usual starting mechanism would. But it doesn't sound like its turning the engine over. I will post a video of it below. Do you guys know what it needs to be fixed? And how hard of a fix it is? Thanks a ton!!

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    After reading your description, I thought it was the starter clutch. However, your video doesn't sound like a bad clutch.

    Does the driveshaft turn when you try to start it?

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    Hi, thanks for responding. I removed the engine from the hull this morning. The starter assembly is fine, but both cylinders have zero compression, I guess thats why it sounds funny. Both pistons are very beat up on the tops, rebuild coming soon

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