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    2001 GTX; Impeller Pitch??

    FINALLY got this thing running right. Runs Great. Thanks for all the help on here.

    Have a question about impeller pitch however....I think?

    Haven't had it past 6k rpm, still finishing break in on new sbt motor.

    Pulls fine through entire throttle range up to about 4,800. Seems to struggle getting past 5,000? Unless I say, unload the impeller from getting out of the water for a second, then it will get on the pipe and pull until I get out of it all the way up to 6+ if I let it.

    Is this just a quality of such a large ski? Cavitating? Something else I should look into?

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    Could be something not exactly right with the carbs, or possibly the exhaust water regulating valve.

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    I was reading on here, and agree that it could be rave valve related. They were all rebuilt recently. Is the solenoid prone to failure?

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