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    2000 xl800 low speed screw

    Hey guys. Trying to find a new t handle low speed adjustment screw for my 2000 xl 800. Most of the ones Iím seeing online are universal fit. I wanted to fix my stuck throttle shafts and just rebuild the carb while at it but found out that the pto carb setting screws were stuck bent and broken. High speed is missing the metal washer and the low speed is just broken and missing the part that holds the spring in place. The pto cylinder spark plug was always a little wetter and the carb had more oil in it when I took it off and the PV was gummed up more and stuck. The mag side was better overall. Maybe since the screws were messed up it couldnít be set right.

    I cleaned the pvís and installed wave eater clips and the coupling and Iím doing the oil block off kit. My service shop said the stuck throttle is actually from the aluminum corroding behind the bushings and when heated it expands to make it stick. He said to take the bushings out and clean them and the shafts and grease and that would be a safer better fix than trying to sand the shafts and bushings. Anyone heard this before?

    back to the speed screw. If I use a universal then I wonder what settings I would turn the screws to since they are different to stock.
    Im also installing new 1.2 needle and seats and original mikuni rebuild kits from SBT.


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    Well I haven’t heard from anyone so I had to just make things work. See picture of what I did to the low idle screw lol. It seems to tread in fine. I set to 1 5/8 and 1 3/4. The hi I set to half out. Is it true that these screws go richer the more you back them out? They are fuel screws and not air screws right?
    Well the ski is running but it’s hard to tell if it’s running right. Only 1300 rpm when idling and a little rough but I hear it’s normal for these 2 strokes. This is out of the water btw. Throttle is very responsive but I don’t know if it’s really right or not. The plugs are still wet and clean when I take them out after running a few times for a few minutes each time. Also the front plug gets hotter than the back.
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    Cricket cricket...

    just did a compression test and it’s 125 mag and 117 PTO. When I took out my high speed screw it was 1 1/8 out. Now I have it set to 1/2 out. Should I be putting it back the same way? My low was 2 out

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    Set my hi’s to 3/4 out. Got to put the ski on the water today. Fired up but when I try to accelerate, it just wants to die/does die. I figured out that if I pull out and push the choke back in and then accelerate, it’s revs past 3k and pulls off. Then I am able to cruise no problem. I did manage to add about 3-4 mph since the clean. Still don’t know why it’s not reving past 5k. Spoke the a Yamaha 2 stroke guru at the service center and he said it’s most likely still lean on the low screw since pulling the choke quick helps it dump fuel and go. Here are my plugs. Fresh set.
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    Do you hear your PV's actuate when starting? It does appear a bit lean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivingSlow View Post
    Do you hear your PV's actuate when starting? It does appear a bit lean.
    Yes, I removed the servo motor and watch it do it’s thing. I could then also confirm that my cables were in the correct position since they are numbered 1 and 2. Power valves are clean and move freely. When u first kick the motor over u can see the servo motor want to adjust to its starting position and then when the ski shuts down, it does its weeee weeee thing. I adjusted the low screw out to 2.5 and fired up the ski to flush it and it fired right up and idled around 1700 with no sign of dieing out. I might be a bit heavy on my oil mix at the moment so that could be causing some of the lean characteristics.

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