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    93 XP how to winterize with a seized motor


    The XP seized up on the Mississippi River and after we were towed to shore I found oil in the the hull. The motor will not turn over and it needs to get winterized. Is tipping it back enough? I do not want to cause any more damage to the XP.


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    You need to run antifreeze through the engine or the water jackets will split when it freezes. I would also put some oil in the cylinders. Grab a shop manual, it'll explain how to do the antifreeze flush.

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    Take one of the hoses off the head, find a hose that fits to shove in place, blow through hard using your mouth or an inflateable mattress pump NOT an air compressor. Then funnel in 1/2qt pink rv antifreeze, blow again. Another 1/2 quart, blow again. Shuld see pink draining out under the ski. Good enough.

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