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    03 gtx 155 tops valve engaged

    hey guys, did some researhc, lots of opinions. 03 gtx battery was draining, found out tops valve is engaged while lanyard off. possible tops switch or am i after an ecu?

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    Ohm out the tops switch. Normal position is closed. Odd its draining the battery because the power relay that turns everything on is the same one for the tops valve. So if the tops has power, all other devices have power too

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    I've run into this a couple times with the early 4tecs. Check for moisture in the large connectors st the mpem.

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    I've ran into this with 3 different solutions. Basically the craft cycles power on off without the key being anywhere near the ski. Which in turn drains the battery. It makes the fuel pump cycle, the tops valve open then close and I think the idle valve at the throttle body gets hot.

    1 clean grounds at front of engine block.

    2 check conectors at mpem for corrosion.

    3 time to buy a new ecm

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