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    Gp1800 intercooler leak engine water damage

    Hey whats going on so my gp was bogging out after riding it one day where the rpms just went lower and lower until i finally killed it to investigate and then it just wouldn't turn over at all. I checked everything. Compression good, spark good, cables good, air good but for some reason it was having trouble firing.

    i took the battery home to charge and did some research and discovered the intercooler could be leaking as i have a 23psi sprchrgr impeller perhaps i blew something and the intercooler started leaking into the intake... well i took off the tube at the throttle body and sure enough there was water in it.

    problem is that a few days passed and i then checked the oil to discover it to be milky as well as my cams rusted up. So im here for some advice. Can i do a tear down and wire brush it or is it all garbage? Can this go under insurance?
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    Step one for me would be a full disassembly. Some parts can most likely be cleaned up(like the cam gears for example), I would look into glass beading or soda blasting as opposed to the wire brush idea. Some of it I would replace, like the cams for example, I don’t see the cam lobes cleaning up enough. Is the entire engine trashed? No, but everything that isn’t will need some elbow grease. Depending on your abilities and tools/resources available this may or may not be the most economical way to go. If it’s above your skill level a machine shop can take it apart, clean stuff up and show you what’s salvageable.

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    Ok thanks for the info yea i can do all that just wanted to know if anyone thought it would be a waste of time. Not trying to spend more money just bought the y1000 intercooler and see this not cool. You think an insurance claim would be good here? Or dont even bother

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    Tear it down and soak everything in oil and itlb fine

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    I have no idea on the insurance end. I would pull it and take it apart. Price what parts need replaced and price what a used motor goes for, it very well may be cheaper to swap it out

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