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    Good News - Bad News...

    Hello, well isn't that always the case...

    So the good news is that I have the motor back in me 02 STX-R after taking on water from the thru hull, and she started right up, and sounded great. quieter from the driveline, no loose pocket change sound from the pump LOL

    At this point I was very happy, since I had never removed a jet ski engine before, or done oil lines etc...

    Now the Bad News...

    So after running for several minutes to clear air bubbles from the oil lines as instructed and after I noticed quite a bit of water in the hull. So I started up again and connected the hose and found this joy-
    Sorry for the shaky video..

    That hole was streaming out water. So now I am looking for a freshwater muffler replacement, since I am thinking it is corroded on the inside and it would only be a matter of time before another failure...
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    Not unusual, unfortunately. The expansion chamber is a common place for corrosion to occur, as well as the water pipe between the cylinders.

    I'd just get it welded. Use a pick to find the rest of the holes and plan to fix it again in a couple of years.

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    Maybe you can use some JBWeld to patch that hole until you find that new/used muffler.

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    Absolutely! Seadoo has the same issue on older pipes on the lower freeze plug welded caps. $5 water weld putty will fix it for a couple of years vs pulling the pipe and finding a good welder.

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    Well, we have now gone from Good news to bad news, to good news to worse news...

    I grabbed a replacement muffler off of ebay for 49 shipped, installed it started up easily, and no more leak from there...

    So, after running for a few minutes I noticed a water in the hull (again), started up again and this time I saw a stream flowing down the right side of the hull, so I stuck the camera in the hull and saw this joy. Looks like my discontinued water pipe has a serious hole...

    Here is look from my borescope camera.

    Now i have to remove the motor for a second time, then pull the pipe and see what I can do to get to stop being swiss cheese. I am starting to feel beekermartins pain...

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