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    MSX and carb'd 1200 install questions

    Hello all, d
    id a search of 1200 carb'd conversions but nothing recent pops up.
    I have a running 2000 Virage TX that I picked up but has no title so that engine/harness needs a new home. Recently some 110, 140 and 150 MSX's have popped up for sale. All with some kind of issues.

    Is one easier than the other to put the entire 1200 carb'd engine/harness in? S
    aw a comment that the motor mounts are different between a 110/150 and a 140. Is that accurate? If so, which ones match the 1200 carb'd engine mounts? I assume the 140?

    Also, will the drive coupling from the MSX motor, mount on the 1200 carb'd crank?

    Any other show stopper gotchas I need to be aware of?

    Thanks everyone.

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    The 110/150 were 4 stroke -so totally different.

    The 140 is an injected.....basically 1200. Same crank shaft and cases basically.
    So everything from TX will mount.

    Fuel pick up will need a custom solution.

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    Thanks. I knew the 110/140 are 4 stroke, but do they mount differently or in different places in the hull than the 140? If yes that would push me to the 140

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    A user named Keddano put a 1200 in a 110, the engine mounting brackets were different,he was forced to customize the brackets, dont recall if mounts would have lined up with standard TX brackets or even 140 brackets.

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