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    Couple Wave Raider Questions

    Hi all,

    Recently acquired an 1100 and 760.

    The 760 had been running great and put a couple hours on it just to run it and get a feel for it. Then doing maintenance and found the grease zerks. Don't believe much maintenance had been done for many years including greasing, so heavily greased them since there was some clanking/rattling when running on trailer with flush, not thinking much of it. Then ran it a couple days ago. Ran great again for an hour or so. Then after dying at idle, took a long time to get it to fire up again, then had to carefully feather throttle until it was running again. Ran good again for several minutes, then died at idle and would not restart. Towed in, then tried more times and it would briefly fire each try as soon as starter was hit, then just turn over with no fire. Would grease spilling into stator cause this if I over-greased? Did also note the positive cable loose, hot and smoking after a long time trying intermittently to start it again with jump starter attached to boost it. Tightened it with no change. Thought I'd check before I start tearing stuff apart.

    Also, preparing to rebuild the carbs on each. Trying to ensure I get the right kits. Anyone happen to have the model carbs that each of these have? Manual lists Type V for one, but can't correlate that with the Mikuni kit. Thought I'd get the parts before I pull them. So far just determined the 760 and 1100 each have different ones.

    Never dealt much with 2-strokes so welcome any insight. Thanks!

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    Well, looks like stop switch is issue on 760. Disconnected it and started right up.

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    Yes they will get crud on the connectors. they can be cleaned but its tricky. Tiny springs and contacts in there. As for grease.. go light. not often.. rear PTO bearing just a few squirts.. starter bendix will be fine without any..
    MK-BN38/44SPR carb kits.. only use Mikuni. The Diaphrams are junk in the others.

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    Thanks, I was planning on Mikuni kits. Do you happen to know is the 760 the double 44SPR and the 1100 triple BN38?

    Appreciate it.

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    Same kit will fit 1100 or 760.

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    Thanks I'll look again, thought one I had looked at said it worked for the 1100 or 700, but not 760. Wouldn't be the first time I've misread something Thanks again

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    So still learning. Clymer manual says 760 has type IV carb, and 1100 type V. Just to make sure I understand correctly, the kit has parts for both? Thanks

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    The SBN kits have parts for the 38, 40i, and 44. Yes, your 1100 has triple 38 with seperate fuel pump. The 760 has dual 44 with integrated fuel pump.

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    Ok, makes sense. Just wanted to make sure before I bought them. Thanks alot guys

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