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    RXP 300 2019 , what prop and tune for only intake, catch can

    hello guys, iam from the netherlands,
    I dont now what DA we have here exactly, but the temperatue is in the summer here about 30 degrees celcius.
    Whe als have good 98 octane fuel.
    I think that same as yours 93 ron ?

    So i want to order for my bone stock ski, an intake
    Like the JP racing and an catch can.

    Can someone give me the number of the K&N filter from the JP intake.
    So witte only the intake and catch can, what is a good prop and tune ?

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    RIVA STAGE 2 TUNE AND SOLAS SXX 13/18 is perfect for your setup. You should see about 8300 RPM and about 80MPH. I have been using this tune on my 2016 PX and TX 300, my 18 TX 300 and my 19 TX 300. Idles perfect and runs great. You can flash it yourself with a Maptuner and tuning license

    Or you can mail in your ECU for reflash

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    13/18 is a great prop...until you shear a blade off. They are just to thin. I ran one for about 30hrs on my 18tx on a stage 1 tune, and one day one of the blades just sheared off and got stuck in the housing. The ski rarely saw more than 8200ish rpm. I was lucky it only cost me a wear ring and was close to my house so I could just tow it back to my dock.

    I'd do the riva racing intake and riva flash, catch can and leave it. You could have your stock prop depitched to get your RPM up. That's about as good as it gets for an rxp unless you want to go to a cam and charger, injectors etc.

    You can get all that stuff on the forum store and Jerry can ship it to you anywhere. coupon code is greenhulk

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    Thank you for the Answer

    So intake, catch can, flash.
    Another prop is not make a huge different

    Maybe a SS wearing ?

    And have someone an jpracing intake here ?
    Can you please give the number of the K&N FILTER

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    Just make a custom intake like the one jp sells. Itís not hard. You need the 4 inch filter thatís sold here on greenhulk and riva Racing, a 3 inch to 4 90* silicon hose which you order on amazon for less than $20, and a 4 inch diameter aluminum pipe (also on amazon) so you can connect the filter to the silicon elbow. Obviously you may need to cut the pipe to size if you get a longer one like I did. Pair this intake to a riva stage 2 flash and your right there at 80 mph. When I did everything I did the intake last and the intake alone gave me over 200 rpms. Mods are in my sig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bas View Post
    Maybe a SS wearing ?

    please give the number of the K&N FILTER

    RK13090-2-SDThis is the proper air filter for watercraft applications. It is a stainless steel mesh screen that will not rust. No cotton gauze is used which will get wet and prevent air flow as seen with other air filters. Large, oversized K&N screen-type flame arrestors provide unrestricted air flow to your...
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    RIVA Stainless Steel Wear Ring For Sea-Doo 300HP - 161mm

    100% stainless steel wear rings/impeller liners are the perfect replacement for your damaged original unit. Replaces original plastic unit on RXP & RXT models with easy press in installation. Durable stainless steel resists debris, damage, and saltwater corrosion. Provides increased durability and p...
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