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    SXR 1100 won't start without fuel in carb


    Could someone please help.
    Standard ZXI conversion with Keihin carbs.
    Here's the compete background:
    1. Ran for a while on only 2 cylinders (fuel was not getting to cylinder 1).
    2. Finally took it to mechanic, who cleaned the carbs.
    3. Went to test, won't start, not even with choke. It just turns and turns, with no sign of it picking up. There is spark from all 3 spark plugs.
    4. However, if, while on the water, I pour fuel in the carbs (even just 2 of them) it starts, and if I then step on it the ski works. Sort of. It feels as if there is no difference between no throttle and up to 1/3. What I mean is, when you start squeezing the throttle nothing really happens up until around 1/3 of the throttle, beyond which the ski suddenly wants to rip your arms off.
    So, the original issue of no fuel to cylinder 1 is definitely fixed, because the ski has great power and all the way to full speed it rips.
    Once the ski shuts off, it can not be started again without repeating the fuel-in-the-carbs process.

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    Running it lean is a sure fire way to burn up the engine. Do a compression test to see if any damage has already occurred. Post pictures of the firing ends of the spark plugs. Plan to overhaul the carbs with genuine Keihin parts.

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