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    Turbo rxp 2008 wont turn off when key removed

    So last weekend i lost the carbon seal. Filled it up with water but was able to get it to the beach before it go real bad. Fixed the seal, everything runs perfect 19psi perfect AFR but the ski will notturn off when the key is removed off the post. Tried pulling the post off my 2005 rxp and when i did the ski did absolutely nothing! Not even the dash lights come on. Put in old post does the same. I have to pull the relay to get it to shut down.

    I have tried swapping relays
    I have swapped in a 05 ECU to check to see if it would do the dame thing and it did.
    And like i previously stated I swapped in an 05 DESS post and that didnt even recognize a key or dash didnt light up.

    Any ideas?

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    Get a manual and test the dess correctly, Does the ski shut off when you press the stop button?

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    likely the post, I gained a new customer a couple of years ago when the local boat shop summerized thier ski and handed it back to them when the dess key would not kill the engine when removed.

    they didn't tell the owner about it, and I guess I don't need to tell you what happened to the 125k boat the ski torpedoed in halfway across the lake, do I?

    the magnetic reed switch in the post is welded closed, so the ski always thinks the key in in place. easy fix.

    I'd suggest not switching the ecu's like that, if there is actually another issue ( like water in the electrics) you can easily end up with two dead skis

    posts on 2008 models are near or have reached end of life, they are cheap enough to replace, careful on the wiring colors if you use aftermarkets, they often don't match what you have right now. better ones ( wsm) come with a wiring diagram

    such a common fault I keep a bunch of them in stock during the season.

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