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    Rxp 7600-7800 Rpm??

    I have a 2004 RXP with about 50 hours on it. My max RPM's range around 7600-7800 RPM. Ski is Bone stock expect for a Worx Intake grate and Riva OPAS removal. Every season it does get fresh plugs since I've noticed plugs used during fog loose some power. From what I remember and have read I should be seeing somewhere in the range of 8000-8100 RPM's correct? Any suggestions for things I should look at to see what may be pulling some of these RPM's?

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    Your Sc Clutch might me slipping a little bit Do you still have the stock ceramic washers in If I were you Id swap out the washers for Jerry's metal ones. Read the Post

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    What is considered "High" hours? I have just slightly less that 50 hours. Should I go for a full rebuild, or just shims? What is the skill level for installing these shims. I have grown up/ worked at an auto repair shop for my life so I am very mechanically inclined.

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    Check your prop and wear ring, wear ring could be wore out too

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    what elevation do you ride at? I ride at an altitude of 3700 feet and never see more than 7700 rpms on my bone stock rxp. the lack of oxygen really hurts them

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    I am riding in NJ which I would assume is 0 elevation. Would worn wear ring cause lower RPM's or just lower top speed? I don't seem to understand how by the pump not being 100% sealed it will lower RPM's

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    These tend to have lower rpm's when the ring is worn. I am not sure but would guess that it is harder to push water around the prop. And by pushing water around the prop there is not as much going out the back which in turn would load the front of the pump more. By loading the pump more The water is slowing down more and then the hp is having to push it out, a momentum thing I think. That is just my 2 cents worth.

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    I would look in the pump also. a bad wear ring, dinged up prop could easily kill the RPM's. IF you don't have metal washers in the S/C , I would highly recommend you get them in there ASAP. don't be a victim..

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    Did you get the knock sensor recall done on that 04.

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    I'm 99% sure the knock sensor update was done back in either '04 or '05. That was a couple years ago though so little vague. Can dealers just look at it and tell if it is done, or do they have to connect BUDS to check? Currently I have my GTX at the dealer getting work done and the RXP is sitting right next to it, might just have him look at that.

    As far as wear ring replacement. Is it simply remove pump nozzle / venturi then remove the wear ring? Does the prop get removed for this?

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