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    Polaris Hurricane 700 running issues - looking for advice

    Hi guys, having some engine running troubles on an old (possibly 1997) polaris 700 hurricane. I have pretty much exhausted my mechanical knowledge and it seems like there are some pretty knowledgeable people on here!

    So here it is……
    For the life of me I cant figure out whats going on, it just does not seem to want to run. At best it will grumble for a second or two before stalling out.

    I has Dual CDK-II carbs mounted on a 2 cylinder Polaris 700 2 stroke

    what i’ve tried so far….
    -taken carbs off, cleaned them out, replaced all of the diaphragms, gaskets o rings and fuel needles
    - tested the pop off pressure and tried a couple of different springs to adjust this
    -checked that its getting a spark and cleaned spark plugs
    -fresh fuel
    -it seems like the fuel pump is working fine as when the engine is cranked over fuel comes out of the return line
    -The engine seems like it does have good compression although have not actually done a compression test

    So here are some things i’m not sure about

    One of the things that I cant get my head round is that I have had the engine ticking over seemingly quite happily when I have had only 1 spark plug in the engine??????
    this has been the case a couple of times now and it doesn't seem to matter which cylinder has the spark plug in it. It just goes better with one plug and one cylinder firing

    spark plugs often look wet with oil after cranking the engine over, could this be from when the engine has been flooded and then the fuel evaporates leaving oily residue? If so is there a way to combat this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is driving me mad!

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    Welcome to GreenHulk.

    The engine cases have drain screws at the very bottom of cases, each is pretty much below each carb. 5/16 socket needed.
    At least make sure it is fairly empty.

    Well, I have seen a truck engine run better without a spark plug removed, it was caused by the exhaust being blocked.
    I have seen nests in jetskis, some rodents dont seem to mind crawling through the exhaust.
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    Hey Casey, thanks for taking the time to reply!

    Il tell you what, you were right on the money with that one! whipped the exhaust off and sure enough there was a little oily nest in there!

    after cleaning out exhaust system she fired almost straight up!

    thanks again mate!

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    No kidding ? LOL..
    You did a good job with the unusual test-starting with a spark plug out !

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