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    2003 fx140 or 2008 vx cruiser

    HI, Im looking to purchase one of 2 ski's. May seem like a no brainer but I dont have much $$$.

    I can get a 2003 fx 140, with 295 hours, both fresh and salt water, bogged down (he thinks because it ran out of gas), on the tow back in he got water in eng. bay. $1,200 no trailer

    2008 vx cruiser, 219 hrs, salt water, supposedly only reverse cable sticks, with double trailer, papers for both. $3,500. Im suppose to go see this today, and possibly water test.

    Thoughts? thank you.

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    i'm no expert by any means !, but if i had to choose, i would go with the '08 vx cruiser simply because if i needed parts for it ?, they would be easier to come by for this year model , where the '03 fx 140 would be harder to get parts for if i needed any. any water in an engine bay tells me it will have had water in the block, maybe..maybe not ? not know ?. deff check the compression on all cylinders for both if you go check them out.

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