I have a 2007 Aquatrax turbo with a "frozen" waste gate. I have been able to remove the unit and clean and lubricate the waste gate so it opens and closes with minimal effort using my fingers. But I need to know how freely it should move. Should it just flap back and forth with no resistance or should it have some tension? I have seen a lot of discussion about frozen waste gates and how to loosen them but no description of how "loose" it needs to be.

I don't want to reassemble it unless I know it is free enough and I don't want to buy a new unit only to find it has the same resistance as the one I have cleaned up.

BTW - I need to get a new actuator as the old one is a rusted hunk of crap. So, I can't simply connect the actuator and test by pressurizing it to see if it moves.

Looking forward to your responses!