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    99 GSX wet exhaust hose

    Just picked up a 99 GSX and previous owner cut the Exhaust hose into pieces (Non reusable). Has and one found a source to buy aluminum 2.5" couplers or wet exhaust hose? I tried to find place using google all I see is 12 foot lengths for $600. I did find one oem hose but its in Cali and would take til November to get.

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    Just get a good used hose from Westside Powersports. Those guys have all the used Seadoo parts.

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    Are you just looking for the silicone coupler between the water box and exhaust pipe? Search eBay for silicone coupler. Should be able to find anything you need.

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    Is this resolved? I found a boot made by Venom on Amazon

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