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    sl 780 jugs on a sl 750 will they fit??

    wil sl 780 jugs fit on a sl 750 without any mods?? how far can i bore a stock 750 cylinder?? thanks

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    Yes on the 780 jugs.

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    You can bore 750 cylinders out 1mm which will equal ~777cc.

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    You will have to get an exhaust manifold for the 780's as the bolt pattren is diffrent. But other than that small diffrence it will work just fine, you will also need to use the 780 base gasket for proper sealing with no leaks.

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    780 cyls and pistons are different from a 750 bored out. There is 2 more exhaust ports in the 780 cyls. and voids in the sides of the 780 pistons to help accelerate fuel intake. They will bolt right up to a 750 bottom end with no problem, like Rodney said though you will need a new exhaust manifold. Plus you'll need to rejet the carbs and want to get a 780 CDI. This should gain you almost 10 HP.

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