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    Question 96 SPI Loose fitting bellies?? Please help

    I recently purchased 96 SPI. Got it running. First trip out itís taking in a little water so I thought Iíd replace driveline components. With some help reading posts from this site I took it all apart. got new cabon ring, floating ring, bellows etc.. installed them.

    my problem is that the bellows and carbone ring are not fitting tightly against the floating ring. Iím unsure if I received a weak bellows, if I did something wrong, or what. But the bellows compresses quite easily with minimal force.

    I removed the rubber o ring under the floating ring and replaced it with a metal c ring.

    i did hammer the driveshaft a Little into its housing to expose the c ring groove. Is it possible I pushed the driveshaft too far in? It moves freely in and out when I pull it from the back of the ski.

    any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.

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    Sounds like you are missing the rubber bumpers if the shaft is moving back and forth.

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