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    Bearing size/colour

    Hey all wondering if anyone can show me where the colour dot is on main and big end bearings for a Kawasaki 2008 Ultra LX 1500cc engine???

    I have checked all bearings and I can not see any colour dot or anything on any of them,

    They do have 565A and 545B stamped on a them but does that mean anything?

    Can anyone show were this dot or what ever it is located on them please.

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    It doesn't work like that..... Click image for larger version. 

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    Can anyone look at these and tell me what bearing readings it would be?
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    Then your bearing selection per journal would be "none,none" dont take the task of rebuilding the ski if ya dont get what the manual is explaining word for word with pictures. No disrespect but it'll cost you a lot if ya mess up.

    That being said at a minimum you need to plasti gauge during assembly and you may need a size larger or smaller regardless what the marks say

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    Attached is the crank what markings are these for bearings?
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    Guess no one can help out here?

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    That's not a great pic but you're looking for a stamped "o" near the crank journals. And also on the rods near the caps. Then use the chart posted above. If the crank has a stamped "o" but the rod has "none" then it's xxxxx color bearing.

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    I posted the instructions. If you cant figure even what size they "should be" from there your assembly is going to be very tough. They're not always 100% right and you need to determine that upon assembly with some plasti-gauge at bare minimum.

    That being said ive never seen a crank with any markings at all and it doesn't appear yours does either but thats not a great picture

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