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    Check Engine light and warning

    I recently had to jump start my ski and the check engine light came on with the alarm and also rev limit mode. I have already disconnected the battery for more then 10mins and started it up again and still the same issue, the jet ski runs fine and sounds fine, anyone got any ideas on how to fix this issue??

    Its the Fx sho model 2009.

    Battery is dead jump starts fine and then goes check engine warning and rev limiter mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judehx View Post
    anyone got any ideas on how to fix this issue??

    Yeah, buy a new battery! Geez, guys, this isn't rocket science. If your battery is dead, don't mess around with jump starting, trying to charge the battery, etc. Just buy a new battery!

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    Thanks! At least you told me.

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    Hi Judehx,

    A crappy battery will let you down at the worst time, guaranteed. Out on the water you want a known good battery and good fuel. I talk to the marine rescue guys as I was going to join them and they tell me those two things are the most common reason they are called out to tow boats and Ski's home.

    Enjoy the water,

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