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Thread: FXSVHO Help!!

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    FXSVHO Help!!

    Dealer left dipstick out after oil change and ski blew most of the oil out 50 miles offshore. Ski slowed flashed light then quit. Is there a low oil limp mode? or emergency shut down? Or is engine done?

    Add oil and go?

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    @Mentzel there is a low oil pressure sensor that it will go in limp mode. for the rest of the question you should take back to that dealer, since they left out the dipstick

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    FXSVHO Help!!

    I think whatís more scary is you took a ski 50 miles offshore. In 95 I took my seadoo hx 20 miles offshore lost which way was the beach luckily I was able to find my trail then when I got back to the beach it died and would not start

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    Thanks. This was a mayday call from a friend. She waited it out on an island a few hours while riding partners went and got oil. The ski did in fact go into limp mode. They put 3 QTS oil in and drove it back to port. I guess it was a 195 mile day! Everyone pissed off at each other. Dealer made a mistake and offered free oil change. Whoa glad that was not me.

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