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    You'll need a spline tool, a torque wrench, and a service manual. A press is good to have. They make a special tool for holding the shaft, but some people use a big vise with soft jaws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    130 has an 1100 di

    Only thing i have seen extend the life is adding alittle gear oil to the pump housing.

    03+ ultra used an extra seal, was this kit used? This does extend the life of the pump. But in reality these pumps take a beating, just pulling every year and inspecting impeller/wear ring condition and pulling nose cone to check for water will help.

    No special tool is needed to pull the pump, i have seen people make this make that a slide hammer bolted to nozzle mounting will have the pump off in a few seconds
    I'm learning as I go here too & was surprised this is the first time hearing or actually reading this tip. Having a hard time narrowing down my search to the info on older 130/150 Ultras & I'm stumped trying to remove a bearing race. Hate to do it if the info's already out there but I'm going to start a new thread...anyways thanks for the tip on adding a lil gear lube, I'll be sure to do that later this week when we reassemble my 2002 130👍🏼

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