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    Before mods,turning 7850 rpm
    After mods (see sig) ,8150-8160 rpm with stock imp
    Installed solas 14/19 (no r).. 7950 rpm
    Pleased with performance.
    I wanted holeshot/hookup/accel,top end was not importent.50% is passenger.65% in "medium" chop(enough chop to unhook RXP)35% in "heavy" chop.
    Another vendor made the 14/19 recomendation..Purchased.
    What can Impros do to "enhance" the 14/19 or is there another prop you would have recomended?
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    Hi Jeff,
    We can alter the impeller to get the other 150 rpm. As you probably know, the ski will perform better in all ranges if the engine revs at the ideal rpm.


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