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    What type of hose?

    What type of hose is better to use for the pressure side of the jetworks valve? It doesnt matter how tight I get the clamps It still leaks. I have decided the hose is to stiff to make a good seal. right now Im using the standard hose sent with the holeshot kit. I have broken several clamps already trying to get them tight enough with no luck.

    I know there is a better clamp that requires a special tool but I dont have one so it would be easier to get a softer hose.

    What kind of PSI are we looking at going to the valve?


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    I haven't had a problem with mine leaking... are you sure you are leaking around the hose, and not the Jetworks itself?

    I use some bright yellow airhose from Lowes just for the "bling"; Abbott and I are long lost brothers.

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    The first time it was leaking from both the valve and the hose but now its just the hose. Mine is that clear braided stuff.

    yours looks good.

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    I wouldn't use the clear braided stuff for anything smaller than 1/2"... it's too stiff to get a good seal. Compressed air hose works just fine; I think I got the red stuff at Lowes too. Lowes seems to have a better selection of hose than Home Depot. You can get Synflex from Riva too, if you want to wait for it to get shipped in.

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    Thanks, I think I will use the air hose as well.

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