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    2002 rxdi throttle issues

    Hello all, new member, first time poster here! I am having some throttle issues with my 02 rxdi, ran fine most of the summer til I took it out and noticed a huge loss of power when throttling. maxes out at about 5000rpm. I have done some inspection.

    Noticed that I had a silicone coupler that connected the exhaust manifold to the muffler, that had a hole blown through the side wall.... thought it may have been losing back pressure or something and that could've been my issue... replaced it and got no results!

    I also noticed that the little slot groove fitting on the throttle cable up by the thumb trigger throttle was broken so it was not sitting firmly in position. Thought I wasn't getting full stroke on that cable when hitting the throttle hence my lack of power. I have rigged it temporarily in a way to get the full stroke of cable but that also doesn't seem to be fixing my issue. I have decided I am still going to replace the cable regardless.

    I ordered what seemed to be the right cable off the internet but upon receiving it I noticed that the new cable is a single line and the cable in my ski is a dual line with some kind of box midway through the line.... can anyone steer me in the right direction for the proper cable, and also enlighten me on this style cable (purpose off the box and second line)
    As for my throttle issue, I was going to dissasemble the rear end and look at my impeller and wear ring.

    Just wanted to see if anyone could steer me in the right direction... is the impeller and wear ring the right place to look next or should I be looking at something else first?

    I am brand new to the jet ski game and don't know a whole Lot about the make up of them but I would consider myself a fairly inclined mechanical person. Any info, tips and tricks are greatly appreciated!

    thanks for your time

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    You need to get the correct throttle cable. The box is a splitter that connects the oil pump cable and the throttle cable.
    Check your rave valve solenoid and the air lines going to them. 5k rpm is the point where the raves begin to open. You can pressure up the raves by applying a small amount of air pressure to them to make sure they are lifting. The rave solenoid needs voltage to actuate so you need to test that also. Be careful those little solenoids are fragile and expensive. Be extra careful when disconnecting the lines, gently and no side pressure.

    Download the electronic troubleshooting procedures from the manual and test everything with the multi-meter. Its not difficult once you get into it. You could have a fuel pressure or air pressure issue but check the easy stuff first. I don't think you have a fuel pressure issue just yet. Rule out the raves.

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