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    Unhappy bad tripples

    Hey performance guys..

    Following on from my recent gp1200 major disaster.. (picture 4 )

    I decided it was time to get the issues resolved on my GPR with the triples etc..!!! (wish i'd left it alone now..??)(it needed doing..!!)

    Which is described here..

    So i went ahead and made a start on some of the issues...
    First i did the duel fuel thing fairly easy job that..!!, the only hard thing was getting the main line off the pickup nipple..??

    Once that was done went and put on a couple of new clear filters..
    Next was move the primer from the reserve line, onto the return line.. don't quite understand how this can work there through.???
    Since there's no line into the tank for it to draw fuel up..??
    By that i mean inside the sender it just goes into the tank and no more..??? i'm sure someone will enlighten me..??

    Anyway was feeling good that i'm in about this ski and making progress..!!??

    Next went and fabricated myself a PTO lower pipe mount.. not too difficult to do..?

    Then thought i'd try figure out what the hell is going on with the trim cable..??
    Turns out it's underneath the engine.. instead of between the left side engine mounts as per factory pipe recommendations..??
    Which was making it ramp up at a far to steep angle.. causing it to continually spring out of the guide/holder..??

    Anyway the cable revelation only came to light after i decided to stick in some new spark plugs in preparation for my upcoming plug chops..??

    Here's why..... when i was changing over the plugs there was a little moisture on #2 plug..??? thought ok that's weird..????

    So i decided to look into it a a little deeper..?? i'm looking and checking a lot of the things Mark (hydrotoys) suggested..!!
    (GOT to say this guy was on the money)..!!
    Turns out there was no lower front pipe mount for the centre pipe and the front left engine mount was chowing down on it.. Grrrrrr
    As per my crappy photos..!!
    Now right then i didn't know what i should do..??? get it running then sell the fecker.. NAH.. some one's already done that to me..!!
    So that wasn't an option.. next thought ok it's not dead just a little unwell.. i can fix it..(gulp..!! x $$$$$)..

    So while i was pulling out the mag and centre pipe's i took off the silicon coupler for the centre pipe.,
    Some water ran out into the hull.?? Not lots but a good mug full or more..?? so i'm thinking hey that's how #2 sparky got wet..??
    Now i haven't got round to pressure testing these damn pipes YET..???
    I'm sure the smart money will be on a leaking centre pipe..!!??
    Which brings me to my next dilemma/nightmare..?? will factory pipe warranty this due to the engine mount eating almost through the bottom of the pipe..??
    I can get the chewed on part tig welded, i'm certain of that but what or where will the pipe be leaking.. or will that be it, at the chewed up part..??
    Will pressure test when i go out and buy an analogue tyre gauge..!! (my stinking digital one turns off after ten seconds P.O.S.)..!!
    If they do/will warranty it..?? whats the turn around time and shipping to Scotland has got to be a nightmare and probably expensive..??

    Whats my options here guys..??? get the pipe repaired/welded myself..?? ditch them pipes. have most/all (maybe) the stuff to go back to a single pipe..!!
    Even an s2 stinger system(another POS..????????)
    Again this'll involve more arsing around with carbs/jetting etc..
    Oh Yeah thats right i found one of the carb manifold screws lying in the hull.. the guy that built this boat up was a (use your imagination on my thoughts)..!!

    Please chime in your thoughts and recomendations guys.. will even consider suggestions of BURN IT..!! SINK IT..!! Etc..

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this post.. hope i'm not to screwed..??
    Can't believe i'm now the proud owner of two outta commision ski's..!!!

    Cheers Guys Gerry(desperado)
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    Question ???? really NO one...???


    In the Imortal words of the Beatles

    Help, help me do..!! YOU KNOW I NEED YOU.. OH PLEASE HELP ME DO..!!

    OR better still...

    Maybe a little something from my personal favouites "THE BEACH BOYS" (seen em in concert.. "awe-sum")
    it goes like this HELP-HELP-HELP ME "(your name here)" Etc, Etc.....

    What is a boy to do...?????


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    Pipes look like an easy fix but they might not be leaking there.
    If there leaking externally your ahead of the game.
    Test them first just a few lbs or you will blow them up.
    GP motor needs a full rebuild WOW NOT MUCH PISTON LEFT.
    Cases may be fine carbs can be rebuilt and cylinders could be bored but everything else is toast.

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    Question ??

    Hey there bud..

    i'm leaning towards an internal leak, since there was water inside the stinger pipe when i started pulling em apart..??

    As for the gp.. unfortunately the lower case has a small chunk knocked out the side of it..??

    i'll get it welded back in.. tig or mig...???

    I'm gonna go ahead and stick the stock exhaust back on the GPR, before the weekend...

    I just can't be doing with the thought of two goosed ski's..
    SO need some help with the jetting i should be putting back into the carbs..????
    Options are:1/ stock exhaust, 150psi riva 3 piece heads, primer kit no chokes, advent ignition, (what should i do about the waterbox since it's different when using tripples..??)
    ORption 2/ the same as above but use the riva stinger 2 stuff i've got..??
    would like to get this jetting right first time out..!!?? i'm at sea level or less than 100 feet above..??

    also i'm more inclined to wake/wave jumping than balls to the wall flat out..!! (can't get my fix since the gp is screwed)
    what should i expect speed wise using the 13/19 prop.. i could pull the pump stator and clean it up, (blueprint it) if that'd help any..??

    thanks in advance guys..


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    you are actually making good progress. My congratulations. You will be happy once you are done.

    1. Pressure test the pipes yourself. If they leak, Factory pipe WILL replace them, if you have not welded on them. I doubt that area is leaking.
    2. That rub mark looks pretty bad, but that would be an EXTERNAL water leak. Not an engine killer, and not a piston killer for sure.
    3. Shave that front engine mount where that pipe was rubbing.
    4. FP will sell you any mounts that are missing. You can get any of the yami stuff, like the rubber grommet, bolt, from

    Lastly, the lady on the phone at factory pipe can be in... well,,, how to do I say it... A BITCHY MOOD. But she's always taken care of me, and they seem to always cover their parts. Call them and get an RMA for the pipes. I would expect them to cover it.

    Don't forget to pressure check that engine BEFORE putting those pipes back in.

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    Smile feeling more positive already

    Hey Mark and Flying SCOTSMAN (whats your name mate..?)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement..

    Its always good when you hear.. "there there it'll be alright" (metaphorically speaking of COURSE..!!)

    Last night when i was pulling these pipes out.. i could've EASILY went on a hammer wielding crazy man rampage...!!!!!!!
    Every time another mofo'ing cable tie slashed my hand/arm.. Grrrrrrrr..
    WHY..??? can't people trim them right or turn em round after they've been cut..???? i mean WTF..???

    OK rant over.. scars remain..

    Now i'm gonna go ahead and slam the stock pipe back on..
    Simply because i ain't keen on waiting a long-long time for factory pipe to do their warranty thing..??!! with NO ski to use..!!
    Summers are notoriously short over here.. Hell they were Gritting the roads last week up in Perth.. Morning Ground Frost..??? eh..???

    Again stock stinger pipe or riva S2 stinger pipe..?? suggestions please guys..
    I'm leaning towards the riva guy for simplicity. and bottom end punch.. am i right on thinking this..??
    Also prepared to lose 1-1.5 on top for bottom end snap/punch..!!
    Would the holeshot helper and jetworks mod keep me ahead of both my buds gp1300r's.. out the hole anyway..??

    As i say a single pipe IS going back on this week.. so looking for jetting specs gents...

    thanks Gerry

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    Best of luck and I know what the weather is like back home lol.

    Scott from Blantyre
    I went to Paisley Grammar school when I was 16.
    moved to Cheshise England for 5 years been here since.
    My family is all over there except for my daughter she is down in Tennissee.

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    S2 is fine (yes you will lose 1.5 MPH), you can always put on the stocker later if you want

    I don't think the jetworks mod is worth the work and additional complexity with the water lines (but that is just me)

    jetting that is commonly used

    pilot 110
    main 120
    N/S 1.5
    spring 95

    You probably have a 2.0 or 2.3 N/S in carbs, if yes and you don't have 1.5 you could try it with the 2.0 or 2.3 with 115 spring. Also I have always felt the 110 / 120 combination didn't have much of a safety factor so you could go slightly higher, maybe 110 125.

    I would run 1 feed line (the reserve line) to the carbs and then use the second feed line for the primer. 1 feed line provides more than enough fuel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quadzilla View Post
    will factory pipe warranty this due to the engine mount eating almost through the bottom of the pipe..??
    Id like to know this too, I bought a set of pipes too that had a nice qouge in the #2 pipe in it too from the engine mount eating into it.

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