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    Hi Tbarile,

    As mentioned, pull the plugs and have a look at them, check their is no moisture around plugs or in the holes. Replace plugs unless they look good, else clean gap and replace. Even turn the engine over with plugs removed if needed. If you have spark and engine will turn over then check fuel. Pull fuel hose off at fuel rail with every off after you have attempted to start it (use a large rag as it should be under pressure) and will give you a cup full of fuel so don't let it in the hull.
    Re battery, I recently pulled mine off the charger and installed back in hull, like you dash lit up and i could hear drain pump etc but no start - just a faint little click. I tried it again and same thing, I thought I had a crap battery and checked voltage like you and all was ok. I scratched my head and then I removed and retighten the battery terminal and she fired right up. No problem since, I think the terminals were a little dirty or I had not tighened them enough for the high current start operation.

    Good luck,

    2010 FX SHO
    Previous 2012 FX HO
    I forgot to mention that I changed all of the plugs too.

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    Could it be the start/stop/lanyard? If so, how do I check that? I've looked for videos, etc. but can't find anything. Thanks

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