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    '02 Ultra 150- Seized piston?

    Hello, looking for some trouble shooting help here. I noticed oil in the hull of my Ultra 150 last year, did a little investigation and saw that the line from the oil tank to the oil pump was brittle and cracked, so replaced that. What I didn't do is check all of the other oil lines. This past weekend, I found the oil lines to cylinder #3 and the rear crank case bearing were both broken and simply flowing oil into the hull. I replaced all of the oil lines and ran it out of the water with fresh water flowing. Cylinders #1 and #2 were running at about 120 degrees F, measured with a temp gun on the heads, cylinder #3 was running at 190 degrees F. I checked compression and all 3 cylinders were between 110-118psi. I took it out for a quick run on the lake, it seemed to run perfectly, but checking on the water, cylinders 1&2 were at 120 degrees F and cylinder #3 was at 190-200 degrees F. This leads me to believe cylinder #3 is partially seized and creating the additional heat from friction. Another note- it has had trouble turning over with the starter for the first couple of revolutions lately, then is fine after the pistons get moving, again, sounds like a partially seized piston.

    It seems like more than a coincidence that the cylinder without oil is now the only one not acting like the others... Let me know if anyone has experienced this before, would like as much information as possible before digging in to my first internal engine repair!

    Thanks- Ty

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    Let me out of here......I need to go on Greenhulk!
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    how many hours on this machine?

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    If you have access to a borescope take a look. If not remove the head on the suspect cylinder. That should tell you a lot. Removing the head is fairly easy. You can then get a good luck at the top of the piston and cylinder walls.

    I assume you verified the cooling lines are not obstructed? Do you have the triple pisser mod or stock cooling?

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    TMiller- Good question, I would have to look next time I’m at the lake. From what I recall, less than 200 hours.

    Beekermartin- Stock cooling. I did check, pulled the hose off of #3 head and water was flowing fine at idle. Good input on checking the cylinder walls, don’t have a borescope, but the heads do look pretty easy to access. Will definitely check that out and report back. Where do you buy head gaskets? I’m sure my local dealer will add a markup.

    Thank y’all for the input.

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    Welcome aboard, TJ512!

    You can buy an inspection camera pretty cheap at Harbor Freight and other online sources. Very useful. You can also buy adaptors that allow you to use your cell phone as an inspection camera for under $20. Make sure you get a small cable end that will fit through the spark plug holes.

    200 hours is about the max life of the 1200 engine. If you're getting close to that, you're due for an overhaul. I'm surprised that the compression number for that cylinder was so high.

    When replacing the oil lines, do not mix the up!!!

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    Steve45- Thanks! I used to browse this forum for hours when I was in high school and modifying my skis. Glad its still around for when I really need it.

    I bought a borescope for the iphone, I'll check out the cylinder wall this weekend and post some photos. I have the shop manual and was VERY careful about routing the oil lines, should be all going to the right spot. Even managed to get it done without dropping a single hose clamp into the hull!

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    Would be much easier to just pull the heads.

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    I finally had a chance to get back to the ski, first of all, it ‘only’ has 92 hours; much better than I thought. Take a look at the photos, some interesting info here. Cylinder #3 was my concern, it hadn’t been getting oil. Definitely some signs of heat there, but my big concern is the chipping of piston #2! Could this be from a leaking head gasket? Let me know what you can conclude about all 3 cylinders given the photos, y’alls input is greatly appreciated!
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    Could be water getting in there. Looks like the cylinder is in pretty good shape. Time for a top overhaul.

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    Thanks, Steve. I didn't post all of the photos, but it looked like the cross hatching was in really good shape across all cylinders. Might do head gaskets soon. Would I see any performance gains from modified heads on 93 octane as the only modification to the ski? Want to keep it fairly stock, but as they say... while you're in there...

    As for the high temp on cylinder #3, I'll probably just keep an eye on it, I know its getting oil now and compression is good. Any thoughts on that?

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