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    Purchased a project 2001 xlt 1200

    Just purchased a new project. Looking at the damage to the middle cylinder I know I at least need new pistons, crank, cylinder and carbs rebuilt. You guys think im better off getting a remanufactured motorClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	466564 or working with this one? It looks pretty rough to me.
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    Well ive checked this engine out and I don't like the looks of it so I'm going to get another case and start fresh. This build will probably set me back $2000+ but at least I know it will be done right.

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    @derick441 have you looked into SBT? I'm not sure if they deal with 2 smokers.

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    I was considering getting one from them. Ended up purchasing a good case and new wsm cylinder and 3 pistons. I got all the gaskets, seals, powervalves and carb kits. The only thing I need is the crank. Ill post some pics when I start working on the project been busy at work.

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    WSM is the way to go. SBT have their issues.

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    I was able to pull the motor out and get the new one redone last weekend. Going to get a chain hoist to put this in as it is way to heavy for me to drop in. The rebuild went pretty well its the exhaust system that I know is going to put up a fight that worries me. Hope to get it in this weekend tho.
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    Well I managed to pick this engine up with the help of my son and get it back in. Didnt even use the hoist. Next got to get it aligned properly. Not sure how these shims work as they fell out when I took the motor out. To they go between the motor feet and the rubber mounts or below the rubber mounts? The service manual is not real clear on this. I've got all 4 and marked where they go just unsure on where they slide in.

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    I believe they go between the hull motor mount and engine pads.

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    Put all the motor mount bolts in loosely, then just sort of tug the motor sideways and slide the shims in between the motor plate and the hull mounts.
    The pipe isn't too bad. Hook up the starter wiring, all oil and fuel lines, and cables, and airboxes, install the exhaust manifold. Next put the headpipe section big end first towards the front left, then sort of spin it towards the right as you shove the small end to the manifold 4 bolt flange. Put the 2 outer bolts into the headpipe before it's fully in position and THEN start the others. Then put on the spacers and bolt up the front middle section. Unstrap the waterbox and shove it backwards. Put the rear pipe section down in the hull and then push it over towards the right side. With the right amount of twisting, the pipe to cylinder mounts will juuust slip down over the head and the inner rubber boot will juuust line up. Now tighten all the pipe bolts, then the inner boot, then slide the outer boot into place and tighten it.
    It's really not bad at all once you've done it a couple times. I can have on bolted back in place in 10 minutes.

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    ^^^^ What he said^^^^

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