Hello everyone I am a Green Hulk virgin at posting although I have been reading for quite some time. Just bought a 1999 Polaris genesis FICHT and also a 1999 Polaris Genesis Carb. model. Problem 1 FICHT was running ok but now wont go over 32 mph or 5200 rpm's. Installed new oddyssey battery and 3 new ngk platinum plugs still no better Sometimes have to feather the throttle to get going strong but once plaining thats all the power she has. Also noticed 4-6 inches of water in machine dont know where it is coming in . I was not in rough water so not in through the seat. I dont know if this has to do with sluggish results but it was running slow before water started to appear?
I am not the most mechanicly savy person but not the most knowledgeable either. Any help would be glorious. Thanks to all in advance . Greenhulk rules!!