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    FX HO or Ultra 250 / Ultra LX - which to buy ?

    FX HO or Ultra 250 / Ultra LX - which to buy ?
    Hi all,

    Trying to decide on a 3-person ski & I'd like your sage advice - will be skiing 20% of time, mostly river w/ some ocean use, want responsive handling, good ride & somewhat dry ride - fast is also good but not the most important quality.

    Any shoot-out info anywhere ?

    Is the trim adjustment feature on the FX especially useful for performance or handling ? Or replicated from the aftermarket ?

    Any fuel-usage numbers/estimations on these?

    Anybody ridden these head-to head?

    Any other advice or ski recomendations or know of any local used deals or dealers to avoid ?


    Mike in CT

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    Go with the FX HO!

    I have been looking at both as well. Decided on the FX HO for a few reasons.

    From what I have read/learned the Yamaha is much more reliable. There seem to be a lot of problems with the 250 right now.
    Cheaper pricetag
    Better "Gas Mileage"
    More stable in rough water
    The Yamaha is fast - 250 not much faster.

    The 250 looks nice though, but that's it.

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    Sorry to burst your bubble Dancar81 but you must be new to the world of pwc. I have ridden both of those skis for hours on end. The FX HO is no where near close to the speed a 250x is runnin, its easily 10mph slower. As for rough water riding the 250x will again easily motor past the FXHO. Even the 250x has more storage volume. Since the 250x has 250hp and the FXHO has 160 yes it will drink more gas if you stomp on it all the time, but I have made trips of 85 miles til the low fuel buzzer has gone off. The only thing I liked about the FXHO (now this was the Crusier model )was that it was a drier ride. As for problems, they all have them, yamaha has a recall out now for the airbox assembly replacement on the FXHO motors. As for pricing I paid 10500 OTD, thats includes taxes/setup/reg., my friends paid 11900OTD for the Yamaha, you just have to shop around for the better deals. I dont know anything about the Ultra LX pricing or mileage but it should be able to cruise alot longer since it doesnt have a supercharger on it. IMO if you are looking for a good everyday family ski go with the FXHO, but if you want that balls to the wall thrill go with the Seadoo or Kawasaki`s upper end ski`s.

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    My .02 as a previous Yamaha owner and current 250 owner i have no complaints for either. Kawasaki is much easier to deal with warrenty stuff then Yamaha from my experiences and stories i have heard from some fellow yami guys i know personally, but then again a great dealer makes a difference too. I owned the 1300R and got to ride a FX HO this past weekend for the first time. Top speed wise the utlra would win by probably about 6-8 mph from my GPS. Acceleration easily goes to the ultra. For rough water they are both decent but i would have to give the edge to the ultra but both are 100 times better then my 1300 was. As for gas the FX HO wins this one not by a huge amount in my book, but if its a concern then it probably wins by enough. Open flat water riding both are really comfy, really smooth, and great rides. I would probably have to give a slight edge to the FX HO on comfort but its a close one here thumbs up for both. If you plan on pulling, both pulled me as a skier quite easy but the Ultra could get me out of the water slightly quicker, not the the FX HO was slow, just not as fast as the ultra. Looks department i think the Ultra wins hands down but this catagory is 100 percent personal prefernce and no one can help you with that. Thats my .02 you really can't go wrong with either purchase just have to watch what your looking for. Never been on 150 so can't help you there.

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