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    2001 Virage 700, just another person with a 4k+ rpm bogging issue

    So from mechanics and most people here, i see these PWC are notorious for idle or high end issues haha. I've read most of the discussions involving the 700 polaris skis. Coworker purchased a cheap 2001 Polaris Virage 700 in excellent cosmetic shape. Was over heating so they asked me to look at it. Thermostat was seized. Replaced that, noticed the wiring was all hacked up. Replaced the wiring harness and the cdi that was partially melted. Took it on the water and the engine ran great, full range of RPMS. Unfortunately the jetpump sounded like rocks. So pulled the jetpump, bearings were gone in the back. So rebuilt all that. At this point since my coworker was well vested in this ski, I rebuilt the carb, replaced all the fuel lines (minus whats in the tank, used all A1 marine line), and threw in new spark plugs (proper gap).

    Which brings me to now. Took 2 rebuilds and a new accelerator pump diaphragm to get idle right. But if i give it throttle it either stalls out, or will get up to 4-5k RPMs and bog down. Squeezing the throttle repetitively to work the accel pump will bump me up a hair but still never over 5500.

    Compression test gives 125psi and 122psi. pop-off spring is at 18psi. I grabbed another set of plugs ill try next free time. Any ideas where else to look?

    Here are the first new plugs i installed after the carb rebuild. Less than an hours of any usage. Left is front, right is rear. I was never good at interpreting how they look.

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    The one on the right is super fat and rich. Probably high speed jets not installed right or someone messed with the hi speed adjustment screw. Probably should show piston wash because spark plugs can lie with this frankenstein fuel they sell now.

    Do you have the fuel lines hooked up properly? I've never worked on a 700 virage but I assume they have one fuel pump and the return from the first one feeds the second pump. If you do something like cross up the return and inlet for the second carb, it'll run super rich too.

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    700 only has a single carb. which makes me wonder how I have two different looking spark plugs.

    Also you cannot adjust the high-speed screw.

    Yes all the fuel lines are correct. Verified mult time.

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    The 700 Virage and SLTH were popular models, people really dont chime in when they are running perfect and out on the water.

    Yeah, 2 different paths to diagnosis.
    You could have intermitent ignition missfire on the PTO cylinder. After 19 years, might not be bad to replace both plug wires, inspect coil closely for cracks corrosion.

    Other is the front crank seal might be leaking air and carb is super rich.

    There are 4 jets in the carb. 2 different apearing sizes. But all have different orfice size, size stamped into the side.
    Missplaced jets will cause alot of weird things.
    Did you measure and set needle arm height ?

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    Ill check check out the ignition side next free day.

    I forgot to measure the arm height. Is that mounted or on a table.

    How do you mess with the other jets? I thought only the low speed adjustment screw did anything

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    Arm height is done with the diaphram cover removed, flat edge accross carb body.
    Alittle difficult mounted but possible.

    Usually the jets are removed and cleaned when rebuilding.
    Many times jets are mixed up, they have specific locations.

    The low mixture screw fine tunes low speed jet and is the only external adjustment.

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    Sorry been away on vacation. Adjusted the arm to as close to 1.5mm I could see. Redid pop off pressure to 20psi.

    Verified all jets and orifices are clean.

    Heading to the water not and test.

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    Well...she idles beautifully. Fired right up. Easily timed to idle rpms.

    Once she was warm I went to take it off and it stil won't go over 4k RPMs. It seems governed there. No light on the dash.

    But she'll do 7k in the driveway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireskip17 View Post
    Well...she idles beautifully. Fired right up. ...

    ... still won't go over 4k RPMs. It seems governed there. No light on the dash.

    But she'll do 7k in the driveway.
    That sounds like the engine is not producing power. Electronic RPM limiting would apply on the trailer and in the water.

    Lack of power would result in the impeller load preventing the engine from revving higher than whatever rpm that amount of power can spin the impeller.

    Make sure it is running equally on both cylinders. Do both get to about the same operating temperature?

    Check that it has the correct impeller installed. The wrong impeller can overload the engine and prevent it from revving properly in the water. Impeller part number is embossed on the side of the impeller hub.

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    I verified the prop number before installing it. I'll have to see if the cylinders are equal temps.

    It's a rebuilt jetpump. Are you leaning towards I messed something up there?

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