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    High idel

    Ok guys 2004 15f 200 hours ..had ruff idle and would stall when off throttle ...had a leaking exhaust .new coupler and stringer pipe from dealer .now it idles better from start but 9 times out of ten when i give it a shot of gas it will hang at around 2200 when it comes down ..if i cover the breather whole for just a second it settle back down untill i blip the throttle again ....only other thing innoticed is when i disconnected the battery and hooked up it seem to idle rev and step down in revs 3000 2000 1000 .for a few mins then would hang at 2200 rpm again thinking iac or tps ..anybody have any insight or tips would be great appreceated i got alot of info on this site and want to say thanks to all who contributed ..

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    Check To make sure the manifold drain plug is tight.

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    Is that on the intake ? Just had a look not sure i can get my hand under there must have to pull somthing ?

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    By looking at parts diagram i reached under the throttle body there is a bolt there next to sensor or som5hing with wired can see just this the plug u reffered to thank u for the reply

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