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    Pump freeplay after rebuild

    Hi all, I'm Rob a newbie here and new to jetskis. I'm rebuilding a 95' HX and did the pump last night. I put a WSM rebuild kit in it. After pressing new bearings in and the oil seal I put the impeller back on (52ft/lbs and red loctite). I don't have the cone or the spring pusher back in yet. The pump seems to have about .080-.100 of an inch of freeplay in it. Is this right? I just want to make sure I didn't lose something on the not so organized bench during the rebuild. I'm guessing that the spring pusher and plastic button will hold it against the thrust bearing and all will work fine? They were missing from when the last guy took it apart, so I just want to make sure there isn't something else missing in there I didn put the bearing face for the thrust bearing in, looks like a precision washer, so thats not missing. Thanks a lot in advance.....

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    I don`t have experience with the HX pump but if it`s close to being the same as the 98 pumps with composite housing, then the pusher in the tail cone forces/pushes the shaft against the thrust bearing washer. the driveshaft with the ruber bumpers does the rest...PR...

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    Yep , what PR said, the spring in the cone will take out most of the free play......BigT

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    I don't think the 95 came with the spring and pusher but in 96 you could buy an anti rattle kit and put it in the cone. the pump shaft does have play when assembled properly, it's when it doesn't there is a problem ( the thrust bearing is pinched)
    oh, blue loctite is strong enough. have fun taking it back off with the red!

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