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    Impeller Wear Ring Question??

    Is there an easy way to check the wear ring??

    I have about 20hrs on my boat and i am GPSing at 56.5mph at 7950rpms..

    How will i know when this wear ring is bad?

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    Brian- It's time to go SS, and you know I'm right. At 20hrs (especially with our hr meters), if you don't have a solid front engine mount, I guarantee that your stock ring is at least nearly shot, and keeping you from your potential. Personally, I think the stainless wear ring is best bang for your buck in performance, especially when you consider that it starts actually saving you money. I don't know the method used for an exact measurement, but you could stick your hand in there and feel, or just shine a flashlight in to see how bad it is. With the stock ring, you're losing some amount of performance as soon as it starts wearing, which is immediately. In the very least, you should plan on doing the flip trick on the one you have. At 10hrs, there wasn't much left of mine. I knew mine was bad because my holeshot wasn't jumping on the plane like it used to.


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    by feel

    shove your hand in from the intake grate area & feel with your fingers along the "ring" inbetween the impeller blades. You should be able to feel a ridge where the plastic is being worn away . . . the bigger the ridge, the more worn.

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    O.K. i couldnt get my hand in there.. but i was able to look in with a flashlight and i see little to no wear on my ring.. there is barely any gap between the ring and impeller (you can barely see light threw it from the back side)

    There are some slight scratches in the ring but nothing more than like 200 grit sand paper!

    Is there a spec for the gap that makes it good or bad??

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    Same here I have an 06 Sportster and my wear ring has no wear yet. Just some fine scratching but not worn. Boat is running excellent with about 40 HRS. of run time. I can hit 50 MPH on a calm day with my 155HP. I'm gonna keep the stock plastic ring till I see and feel some wear. Then I'm going with the SS wear ring. Have a great summer.

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    Guess I was having toooo much fun in mine. I did a very careful break-in through hour six, then between hour 7 and 10, my ring took a dive:
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    WOW.. Mine looks nothing like that.. I guess i do a good job of missing the sludge and other stuff thats on top of the river.. LOL

    My dealer told me that the reason some people are eating up there wear rings has alot to do where they use there boats/jetskis and also that more people who jump big waves tear up there clutch/supercharger because of the pump coming out of the water and then slamming back down re loading the engine and supercharger clutch..
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    Sounds like you might have a somewhat knowledgable dealer. I ride on a very calm lake, but one of my more favorable maneuvers is getting the hull deep in the water to create a good wake, then flipping around and hitting the wakes full throttle at about a 45 degree angle. I don't drive in a straight line for much more than a matter of seconds. I think I'm in need of a solid front engine mount.

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    My dealer buddy owns a 185hp sea-doo jetski and just had to have his pump and supercharger rebuilt under warranty, so he knows what you guys have been going threw!

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