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    Your not the first person to recommend Yamaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Skis View Post
    Your not the first person to recommend Yamaha.
    We have friends with Seadoo. They like them. They let us ride them if we ask. I have not ridden the most recent Seadoo hull models, and overall I donít harbor any animosity towards Seadoo or their products.

    When it came time to replace our older watercraft (a brand that is no longer in production) I considered the three remaining manufacturers and the models on offer. This was four years ago. We typically ride distance, often in open water and some very large lakes.

    Kawasaki 310 Ultra is fast, but felt heavy, big and overall old-school. Almost no headroom for meaningful upgrades to the 1.5 liter engine or jet pump. Manual reverse.

    Seadoo has lots of modern features. Which seem to change frequently with the model years and models. The Seadoo iBR function works well enough but I find it less intuitive than the Yamaha RiDE system. Not only is the carbon ring concern always there, an iBR failure can also strand the machine. Potential for sudden failure from either. Overall they are fine watercraft, just not quite what I was looking for.

    We choose the Yamaha GP1800 SVHO.
    2017 was the first year for the GP1800 SVHO. A lightened version (NanoXcel2) of the well regarded 2015 VXR model, with the positively reviewed SVHO engine. Yamaha RiDE had been around since 2015 and again seemed to be well liked.

    So we bought two at the February 2017 winter boat show. Had not ridden one, only seen them in static displays.

    And those two machines have been excellent. Approaching 300 running hours each and around 10,000 kilometers of distance traveled on the water. The engine responds strongly to straightforward external upgrades with the Riva MaptunerX tunes. Impeller, intake grate, ride plate and jet pump upgrades have also worked well.

    We like the way the GP1800 hull leans into turns and the handling responds to body weight shifts. Quick and fast, ours are configured more for rough water competency than absolute top speed.

    Zero significant issues mechanically in the four years we have been using them. Since 2017 Yamaha has further improved and upgraded multiple components. We would not hesitate to purchase the 2021 GP1800 SVHO if ours were to Ďdisappearí. Right now my expectation is to keep riding them another four years, maybe longer. By then we will be approaching 600-700 hours on each.

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    If you know someone that has a Yammy that you can have a ride of before just going out and buying a seadoo straight away then i'd recommend you have a blast on one. I've nothing against Seadoo (I actually think seadoo look more appealing) but having owned both, I'll stick to Yamaha from now on. It does everything for me whilst being super reliable at the same time. If you were in the UK i'd offer you a day out on mine

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    How does Kawasaki stack up to those, on average? Are the basic 4 stroke STX-12Fs okay skis?

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