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    US Shipping of PWC?

    Hello, I had a problem not so long ago. I bought a jet ski at an auction but don't know how to get it to my state. If someone is engaged in delivery or knows someone who can do this, please write down. Thanks in advance to everyone.

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    Where are you located?

    Unishippers if not on a trailer (or the trailer is not good enough for a road trip).
    Unishippers has been recommended multiple times on this forum over the years.
    Contact John Carter on here

    U-Ship if it is on a road-worthy trailer.

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    I am writing to help those who face the same problem. Yesterday a jet ski came, I was looking for a way to deliver for a long time. Used this company Their service would rate 4.5 / 5. The total cost was $ 40 more expensive than originally planned, but the delivery itself went in a smooth way.

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    This is the seadoo 4 tec performance discussion part of the forum...??

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