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Thread: D-Plate mods?

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    D-Plate mods?

    So I have seen and heard people talk about opening up the d-plate... Is this worth while? If so any recomendations on opening size? Anything else I should do why the ski is apart for TB and timing key?


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    Only open it up if you have a 1390 motor, otherwise leave it stock...

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    I saw some where, it said to open it up but it said nothing about only after 1390 big bore....

    But then again maybe none of that info I saw was correct.

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    On a 1300 motor opening the D plate a small amount made no difference to the peak rpms.

    But if you open up the D plate it will raise the mid range HP - but at some point if you open it too much it will also cause a loss in peak HP.

    For a single pipe CC race ski we used a completely open D plate.

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