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    2006 RXP Piston Ring Gap

    Rebuilding a 2006 that had a valve failure and destroyed a piston. Cylinder has only a small scratch and a couple of Knicks so took it too the machine shop that hone it out a thousandth of an inch. When I measure the ring gap I am about a .002 mm over the .050mm max limit in the manual. I am ordering new rings for the rebuild but didn't know if being the .002mm over was going to be detrimental to my build?

    If so the next question would be do I bore out that one cylinder .25mm over using the OEM Seadoo overbore piston & rings? I have heard mixed reviews about one cylinder over bore with the others stock.

    Appreciate any guidance/help.

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    You've got something wrong with your measurements. Ring end gap should be .5 mm not .05 mm. And if you mean .02 mm over the max, not .002, then you're fine. .02 mm is less that .001". As far as running one piston bigger, the manual even states you can do it. I've done on a RXTX and the haven't had any problems.

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