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    2000 Yamaha xl1200 Advice Needed

    I purchased a 2000 yamaha xl1200, knowing it had issues. Was told it ran but after giving it a once over it needs a cylinder. Not really sure where to begin. Should i find a used piston/cylinder or install 1 new? Where is the best place to source parts, seems like parts for this ski are $$$.

    My current plan is to install a
    cheap ebay dplate, rebuild carbs, if oil system looks suspect rip it out and run premix. Anything else i should consider?

    if anyone has a cylinder and piston to part with, please let me know.


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    if you want to keep it for a long time then pull out the engine, disassemble and watch the crankshaft. change oil seals. prepare a lot of money

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    I appreciate the advice, not sure how long I plan to keep it. Splitting the cases is definitely the right way to approach this job. Anyone else been here and have some words of wisdom?

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