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    Bow eye removal and reinstall

    The plastic cosmetic shell around the bow eye on my GTI130 is cracked and I have a replacement shell. From the inside I see the 2 nuts that presumably are the only things holding the bow eye in place. My 2 questions are then...

    Once those 2 nuts are removed is the bow eye free to come out or is there something else that needs to be done such as breaking a silicone seal or something else?

    Then when I go to reinstall the eye, do I coat the threads with any sealant or perhaps Loctite? My concern would be it leaking or eventually working loose - don’t know if either are possible but don’t want to take chances.

    Appreciate the help especially from someone who may have done this before. Thank you!

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    The parts diagram doesn't mention any sealant. Looks like removing the two nuts should do the job.


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    Correct as described above.
    I replaced that shell also once. No sealant, just loosen the 2 nuts.

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