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    Our Ď89/Ď90 Wave Runner 500dís..

    Hi all.. A few days ago I acquired a set of 3 Wave Runners (Iíve got two in my hands right now and will get the third later today). The first two have titles and the 3rd doesnít and was considered a parts machine by the seller.

    So.. I basically got these for a bit over $150ea.. Theyíre in unknown mechanical condition and Ive got no idea when they were last successfully run.. Iíve been playing with one today just to get things going somewhere. I took out the plugs which looked good. I then disconnected the fuel lines from the tank which had no filters on either the main or reserve lines.. but the inline filter was present.

    So, I figured Iíd hook a battery up and try to crank and see if anything bad comes out the spark plug ports. So I hooked up a battery and nothing.. The one Iím working on is the Ď90 and has the lanyard cutoff switch.. I attached the lanyard and no difference. I took apart the handlebar switch assembly as Iím sure itís probably the original. I saw nothing totally wrong there... I poked and prodded the various switches and nothing.. I suspect the lanyard cutoff switch is faulty (but have no proof, just a hunch) which I think would keep anything from going on. Unfortunately I do NOT have the schematics for the wiring on these guys. Nor do I have any service manuals,etc..

    ps. I took the air filter cover off and looked down the carb throat and it looks really clean which I took as a good sign. These boats have been sitting in the sun in the high desert of So-Cal for the past 5 years or so ó not sure how much use they had during that time.

    Iím going to next take apart the electronics/ignition box where this wire loom runs to and see if I can poke and prod in there and make any determinations.

    So.. My questions are :

    1) Is there a place to find the service manuals for these things AND the operating/owners manual(s)? If theyíre on the internet for download for a little $$, are these legit manuals (I saw a number of sites offering the service manual for $10-15..).

    2) Is it fairly common for the cutoff switch to fail and what is the fix ó do I have to replace the entire switch(es) assembly with the wire loom or can I just replace the one switch?

    3) Are there any other typical gotchas I should look for on these that have been sitting for a while?

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!!

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    hello , if you DM me your email i can send you a 650 manual , not the same but almost the same .

    if you are planning for keeping it for a while . .... inspect everything . start with the fuse .
    beware its not fast at all.
    but very funny . at least for me , the way they move is very different than modern pwc , its almost like a superjet .
    post some pictures

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    Thanks! I DM’d you I believe. Yeah, these are my first jetski’s and I don’t know how they compare with newer/faster/bigger models by the various companies out there. These 3 are all the same — two are 500F and one is a 500D. I don’t pretend to know what the difference is between those two models. I would have assumed that the 500F were newer than the 500D but that’s not the case — the 500D is a 1990 and the 500F’s are 1989’s.. The 89’s do not have a safety lockout with lanyard like the ‘90 does.. I guess they didn’t have those yet..

    So, there’s three of them altogether.

    Boat #1 : 500F #1 is a parts donor.. It looks pretty vanilla without any noticeable mods. I was able to hook up a battery, pull the plugs and crank it over rather well.. I did not measure the compression as I haven’t yet bought a tester, but it seems to be good. But, I suspect that the carb is gunked up and is probably on all these.. They all seem to have the round style carbs (not the square??). IF I recall, this one has no spark.. I tried the trick to see if i could see the spark jump to ground and nothing.. I’ll check the ignition system at some point.

    Boat #2 : 500F #2 The other 500F has been tweaked in a few ways — it’s got a KN air filter, aftermarket CDI ignition (so I’m told), and I don’t know what else. I’d love to try to turn this one over but it’s got TWO red battery cables and no ground.. So, I have to assume that one of the red cables is actually ground..?? Both cables seem to run to the CDI box on the other side next to the carb. Maybe it’s just my lack of knowledge on the CDI ignition stuff — maybe both of those cables connect to the + on the battery?? I didn’t see a negative cable but perhaps I missed it. I tried an ohm meter on both red cables to ground and neither appears to be connected that way. This is the boat I’d frankly like to be my first guinea pig as I think it has the most chance to fire up with little tweaks..

    Boat #3 : The 500D (1990) has wiring issues as I think I mentioned above. Apparently the prior owner found the safety switch for the lanyard wasn’t working and they installed a new switch near the steering wheel.. That unfortunately was also disconnected. However, if I short the two wires together I hear a clicking sound at the rear of the engine.. I believe it could be that something is seized and it just can’t turn it over..? This boat is pretty stock outside of the tweaked wiring. This one had no fuel filters in the tank.. but the inline was present as it is on all the boats.. I’m sure all are due for replacement.
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    Yes, theyíre sitting out in front of my house and Iíve had one person pop by already wondering if I was selling them. Lol
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    can you post pictures of the saftey switches , and cdi boxes and all the wiring.
    you can bypass the saftey switch by removing it from the handlebar i believe .

    it seems you have electric issues which is easy to solve .
    remove the spark plugs and spray some wd40 and 2 stroke oil let soak for a few mintues .

    but before you proceed with repairs you need to check everything else first .
    compression , buy a cheap gauge ( i know its not accurate ) but will give you an idea as anything below 90 will require an overhull and check for compression difference .

    the jet unit , inspect the impeller,cables ,duct unit.
    hull any damage?
    get some marine grade grease and grease gun and grease the drive unit ,check google or youtube.

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    am asking non electrical related questions , to see which ski to repair or at least start with .
    a bad jet unit can set you back a fair amount of money .
    and those aftermarket repairs can be just sh1ty backyard fixes .

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    I see where you're headed and I understand.. The '90 with electrical issues -- I was tempted to pull the jet unit off and inspect it to make sure its not seized among other things.. I've not flipped any of the boats to see what the bottoms look like. I'll find a compression gauge, etc...

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    removing the jet is not required unless something looks wrong .
    just inspect inside the impeller housing for broken items,heavy wear , signs of heavy corrosion. if none just wd40 everything and clean and lube everything .
    as for the bearing unit , there is a grease fitting which some people don't care to use ... so apply some marine grease .

    the hull should be crack free and some wear is ok .applying a fresh gel coat is always a good idea

    again as for the engine .check for any cracks ,broken pieces , then proceed with compression check .
    apply power directly to the starter motor .

    for the carbs ,,,, just rebuild them ,your carb is called bn44 .
    for your electrical issues ....its so simple . basically there is a stator in the engine ...inspect -ok , not replace .
    there is a single fuse behind the cap - inspect .
    there is the cdi- inspect /replace (you can use a gy6 cdi unit -search google )
    coil - inspect - replace
    safety switch -if it looks worn - replace

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    you will spend some amount of money ,even if you spend a 800 usd on new parts . you will basically have two almost new skis for 550 each , which is nothing .

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    Thanks.. I'll get to poking around at some point here but only if the weather permits as its been really hot here and I'm trying to wrap up a different boat project (1987 18' Cobalt DV1...

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