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    Thumbs up Heat Fade & more

    It's probably an obsession,but I've always been compeled to negate the effects of high temps in areas that ,I think,would have the highest return in "low temp" benefits.The SC/outflow tube is one of those areas.Last year,A local machine shop fabricated a 3 piece 4" SC adapter with cooling channels crossdrilled in the SC throat adapter.Plumbing via the defunct opas system.Results were good,Performance gain,small/negligable,but the SC unit(not the adapter itself) temp WAS noticably cooler to the touch..Final analysis..Adapter is heat sink,only to "wick" away heat faster,And besides that ,The 3 piece adapter/plumbing was too large,made it impractical for the future mods.(or so it seemed @ that time).Kicking around another design involving the 4" adapter & the outflow tube going to the IC.It involves using heat dispersing coatings & plumbing via opas supply.The goal is to "shave" 10 to 15 degrees off the incomming air going to the riva IC.
    The waterjacketed SC is beyond my "realm" of mean wealth..But the good news is that funds can be allocated for the "Green Wheel" & #42s..Project "Rabid Monkey" starts this off season.
    At this time I would like to give a Big THANKS to all the members to the forum.Without your advise & trials,I'm sure my performance endeavors would have been a comedy of errors.I only regret,that I have recieved so much,That my returns have been pale in comparison in which I hope to rectify when "Momma Santa" brings digital camera/recorder,GPS & IR gun.
    Only then can I hope to give the level of data that forum members have unselfishly contributed to the forum
    Once again Thank You All

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    Keep up the testing.. It will pay off

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    Man Thats great keep us updated.

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    sounds like some really decent ideas!! ...PR...

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