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    Msx 150 fuel pump starting issues

    Hello everyone,

    Been finding help on here for a while and now I am stuck again and need some help.

    I have a Polaris MSX 150 that i got from my mom because she never used it. I have been able to keep it running so far and it has 40 hours at most on the motor. It had been sitting for 2 years after its last use and I am paying for it now.

    I got a new battery, new spark plugs, new oil.

    Tried starting it and it wouldn't go. After a long while i found that the fuel line from the fuel pump to the top of the tank had turned brittle and disintegrated. So got some new fuel line and bla bla bla still wouldn't work. Ended up purchasing a new aftermarket fuel pump and have everything back together again.

    In the end it still wont start. Even though i know the fuel pump is working it will not pump fuel out of the tank. I am ready to take it to the dump but I really don't want to since it has so few hours on it.

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    Did you drain the fuel tank and make sure it is clean inside?

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    Your fuel lines that got brittle... where they red colored fuel lines? The factory red fuel lines... while they do get stiff... I've never heard of them getting brittle.

    Did you replace all the fuel lines? The fuel pressures go over 50psi so high-pressure rated "fuel injection" hose is needed.

    Did you reuse the quick connectors from the original hose?

    With a good battery installed... put in your lanyard and tap the start button quickly. Do you hear the system power-up? Humming from the fuel pump as it primes?

    If not... your fuel pump isn't working... check the fuel pump fuse... (check them all while your at it).

    How do you know the fuel pump is working?

    Did you clean the fuel tank pickup (below the pump on the canister) when you replaced the pump?


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