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    Chain tensioner question

    on a rebuild due to timing chain failure, found the timing chain tensioner in the bilge. how long would the ski run without the tensioner installed? wondering if a mechanic at the dealer replaced the chain prior to reselling it used to the owner I just bought it from. wondering if they would have been able to change the chain without pulling the motor and mistakenly dropped the tensioner and the former owner ran it for a good while before it broke. Is that a possible scenario? the block is pretty chewed. not sure if I will be able to install the guide #420236500, which was completely chewed up, the other guide was fine. I can't see how the guide #420236500 is attached. would I need a new block if the attachment point is damaged? I am down to the pistons and nothing else looks damaged, not even a bent valve. thanks from a complete noob.

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    I'm too rebuilding a motor due to timing chain failure, I also found the tensioner in the bilge but it had come apart and I couldn't find the check ball. I ended up buying a good tensioner from an old ski on ebay. Running without the tensioner would probably cause the chain to break due to the jerking forces that could occur. I really don't know, but I wanted to say that you could probably have a shop tack on a new piece to the block to attack the guide if it's broken, no need to get a whole new block.

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    Thanks jhugh, I really appreciate the response. I did figure out that the other guide does not have an attachment point, it is held in place by the valve cover. looks like the block may work, hope to find out soon. Lyman

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