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    1997 wave venture 1100 need help big time

    Need help big time, thanks in advance. Been doing research for a week before this post and cant fix my problem. Im not a pro by any means but with alot of experience in pwc, I bought a new to me 97 wave venture 1100, bought it because compression is 120 is all three cylinders, took the gas tank out, left it super clean, replace all hoses, eliminated the fuel selector, new fuel filter, new gaskets, took carbs out and rebuild them with mikuni stuff, same with fuel pump and add the oil block off kit, also pto seal is there no leaks. Put everything back together and ski turn on great and idle great, when put on the water, it still idle great but when give throttle it die right away, but if i pull the choke half way, it will get on plane and run, which tell me is more lean than rich. I have take the carb off 3 times and go over and over, piece by piece and everytime i find everything to be the correct. Any help, any tips? Anything would be appreciated. Also, let me add this, if you go to any website to order parts, in the carb section it show very clear that carb #1 is the one next to fuel pump, in the repair manual it show that #1 is completely the opposite, it shows is the one next to the throttle cable, which is front of the ski. Help please

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    Click on this thread and read my post #23:

    I bet this is what your ski's problem is.

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    Danny and Oleg both of your post are very interesting, will check on that later today. Thanks

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    I have a 98 WaveVenture 760 a 98 GP760 and 97 WaveVenture 1100.

    When my crank seals have gone bad (all of them,) my skis would do the exact same thing.
    Also hard start issues. Once running restart would be ok but if sitting for a few hours, I would have to prime.
    The only cure was new crank seals.

    Engine crankcase pulse is need for fuel pump and if seals leak pistons will seize.
    GP760 lost the top end.
    WV lost the front crank bearing.
    WV760 was saved and caught early enough. New seals a slight hone and new rings while the engine was out.

    I just received a new mag side bearing for my WV1100 today. I will press it on tomorrow. New seals and full gasket kit should be here Monday.

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