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    Yamaha 2006 VX-1100-A-E Red blinking Alerrt,

    Went to take my Jet Ski out and noticed there was blinking red warning light, checked the oil and it was way down, So I changed oil filter and filled up with 2.3 qts of oil, red warning light still blinking, also green security light is on
    did not know if there is a reset after chaining oil, I'm new to this as I bought this jet ski used. It was running fine. then I saw the alarm blinking, also bottom left has a symbol( not sure if its battery symbol?

    Well, I finally found that the warning light was error 47 Slant detection switch malfunction, on the VX1100 they call it switch? anyway I replaced but still same warning?
    If I shut off the ski and wait till power is completely off. the warning light goes away>> anyone have any idea what could be the problem?
    about to take it in for service
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    Download the owner’s manual for your year and model.

    That should tell you what the dash warnings means

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    Thanks, But they do not list VX1100?

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    Out of curiosity, are you located in buffalo ny? I recently sold my 2006 vx110.

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    No I'm in Miramar Beach Florida

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    Blinking red light is warning light. You need to read the ecu codes. Either take to shop or buy Candoo pro diagnostic reader to plug into laptop at home. That will give you the warning code and steps to check it. Good thing to easily check without it is oil, battery voltage (read 12.5v before starting or 13.5-14v while engine running) with multimeter.

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    Thanks for your input johnhoo08!
    error code is 47 according to built in diagnostics? slant switch malfunction, replacing did not solve!

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    @DSigala have you checked the voltage to that sensor? At that sensor you should see 4.5- 5 volts DC. Also I believe you may need to get that code cleared or you'll need to run it so the system knows it's been corrected.

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    No problem, yeah built in diagnostic does help to tell code but dealer or candoo pro diagnostic will clear the codes. Here is link to diagnostic steps for code 47

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So mine has been doing the same thing .. most of my issue lay in the connector being corroded. eventually going to replace the ends with something else but make sure you not only check the voltage but the resistance. When the sensor is not tipped over then it will still have some resistance. You would have to look in the manual to tell you how much.

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