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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobraabe_68 View Post
    I checked for a fuel issue and there is not an issue its getting good fuel. I poured a little gas in cylinders two and three and it would run for a second and turn off. I took all the spark plugs out to check for spark again and 2 and 3 were sparking good and I was getting a faint spark in 1 and 4 for a few seconds and then it stopped and I couldn't get spark in 1 and 4 again. Not sure what happened and I didn't really do much to make it spark in 1 and 4, it was just kind of random.
    So you mentioned fuel was good but it didn’t even try to start until you poured some fuel in the cylinders. Are the spark plugs wet from fuel in cylinder 1/4? Follow the red/yellow wires (from coils and injectors) and check for power while cranking. My guess is that there is a voltage drop.

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    Yes, I've checked this and the voltage is to speck. I just can't seem to find a problem anywhere. Everything I've checked has been working properly or I've replaced it.

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    This may not be the issue but... I've seen plenty of wires in cars that check correctly with voltage using a DMM or a low current test light.. However if you take a headlight bulb with 2 pigtails attached and use that to apply a heavier current to the wire it won't light, or light up dim. This is usually the case if a small tear in the wire jacket, and the copper inside corroded away. It has just enough contact to fool a DMM, but not a higher load. So while it's true the signal coming from the ECU isn't a heavy current, a not seen corroded piece of copper can cause interference from higher resistance or capacitance in that area.... You'd have to unplug both ends in this case to do a test like this though because it's not normally a straight voltage carrying wire.. Again, my not be the issue however you've done so much work at this point it's worth a shot..

    I'd also want to check signal while cranking coming from the stator. A DMM may show a spike in milivoltage if it has a bargraph, or it's an analog style meter, however an Oscilloscope would be most helpful in this case. Good luck sir and keep us updated.

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    I currently have spark in cylinders 2 and 3. If I swap the two plugs that the coils plug into I get good spark in 1 and 4 but nothing in 2 and 3 so I'm pretty sure my coils are good. I also tried unplugging the stator and cranking it over and I still get spark in cylinders 2 and 3 so I don't think the stator has anything to do with spark.

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